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With the SEI3 brand we have made the modernity of a state-of-the art factory compatible with the tradition of old-style craftsmanship.

Our customers, who are the lifeblood of the company, have been making this possible and making their suggestions over the years.

Our wrought iron wall lamps and lamp creations - those made in the Andalusian tradition with unique designs, the Racing Series for carriages, Farol wall Lamps and indoor and outdoor wall lamps, the Granadine Lamp in its traditional version and other modern versions, the series of screens that can be used for Desktop, Wall Lamps and the Lamps themselves, and Street Lighting - form part of the lighting, not only of our region, and its most emblematic streets such as Gran Via de Granada, but in may parts of the geography of Spain and the world, thereby exporting a hallmark, ombining ancestral and ancient craft with the latest trends in lighting and which, in Granada, over the lkast 30 years, we have inspired and worked setting our sights high.

Hence, thanks to the inspiration and the good taste of our customers since 1980, the year when our company was founded, we have developed a range of models which we have presented in this catalogue.

If you want something which you can´t find and have and idea, let us know, our designers will turn it into a piece of art which we are sure you will be completely satisfied with.

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SEI3 - Metal Crafts and handcrafted lighting
C/ Deifontes, Parcela R.222 - Pol. de Juncaril - 18220 Albolote (Granada)
Telf.: (+34) 958 430 248 / (+34) 958 420 876
Movil: (+34) 608 059 283 | Email:
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